On a garden of around 3.300 m² with colorfull flowers and plants you will find 16 Bungalows and 8 Apartments.

For your personal choice we have a few standards :

Standard Bungalows
Our Standard Bungalows - in a traditional, elegant method of construction - are fitted with bathroom, minibar, fan, and a wide terrace.

Deluxe Bungalows
The Deluxe Bungalows are fittet with aircondition, fan, minibar, bathroom and a small garden with terrace. A third bed is possible.

Superior Bungalows
The Superior Bungalows are little bigger and are fittet with more and excellent comfort.

The Standard Apartments are fittet with bathroom, aircondition, fan, minibar and a large terrace.

Jineng Garden
Jinengs are typical traditional houses. These two-story buildings dosen´t need any AC. At the ground floor you find the wardrobe and the large bathroom, at the first floor the  living/sleeping room with fan, minibar and a beautifull terrace.

Jineng Sea View
Add a beautiful view overlooking our lagoon to the Islands of Nusa Penida & Lembongan.

Table of prices
Anom Beach Inn EZ / EURODZ / EURO
Bungalow Superior
AC, Fan, Mini Bar, excellent comfort, Terrace
Bungalow DeLuxe
AC, Fan, Mini Bar, Terrace
Bungalow Standard
Fan, Mini Bar, Terrace
AC, Fan, Mini Bar, Terrace
Jineng SeaView
Fan, Mini Bar, Terrace
Jineng Garden
Fan, Mini Bar,Terrace