Bali and Roundtrips

The village of Candidasa, the "tourist-centre" of the east of Bali, with several Restaurants, Hotels and Shops, is located 1,5 miles away of Anom Beach. Here you can buy souveniers, textiles and all kind of your daily needs. Even you find serious Money-Changers. (The rates for cash is better than for TC.)

Every distance now is related to the use of a Car or Motorbike starting at Anom Beach :

5 minutes away there is the old Balinese Aga-Village of TENGANAN. Sometimes it is a little big touristic, but a must see! When you walk through the village and reach the jungle it is manifestation. from eveywhere people coming along small tracks which we never would see.The nature is not to discribe. If there is a ceremony - gratulations! Please ask for these dates.

15 minutes away you find the White Sand Beach of Bugbug. One of Bali´s most hidden and beautifull beaches. Here are nothing then cristall clear water, corals and some traditional fisherboats so you need a local driver to find this place. No Hotel, no Restaurant, only a small Warung (the small balinese family-shops) for the few tourist that may find this "Robinson Crusoe" - place - somtimes...

25 minutes away, near Amlapura, capital of our province Karangasem, is the new renovated Water-Palace of the last King. even a must.

A very special daytrip is the drive via the old road from Amlapura to Amed. Untouched Bali! No tourism, dry, poor, but always happy people on the road. The people there are living like in the middle- age. On 1000 people there are one TV and three radios. Here the way is the goal. When you have reached Amed you find some Hotels, especially for scuba divers with their PADI and CMAS stations. After swimming and snorkeling you go back another way: Via the most beautiful rice-terraces (located here and not at Ubud!) to "Tirta Ganga" the last kings fresh-water swimming pools. You are back in the late afternoon, sit down at our Pavillon, having a fresh fruit juice, later a Lobster, Snapper or Steak in our Restaurant directly on the beach. Cold beer and some longdrinks..... what do we need more?

30 minutes away is the capital of the province of Klungkung : Semarapura even called Klungkung. Here you find the large textile-market and the local food markets. There are no Hotels, so tourists are only on transit there. A highlight is the very old courtyard-temple. Don´t miss it. Here are even some full-service-banks. (Use the BCA (Bank Central Asia) on the left side of the main road and ask for Mrs. Wayan Murni)

To decribe the trips in the Balinese Mountains - Bedugul - and Volcanos, the thousands of temples, would be a pleasure for me but it would even need to much space at these pages. Come here and I will show and tell you everything about it...